Frieda Hunziker

Frieda Hunziker (1908-1966)

Frieda Hunziker was born in Amsterdam in 1908. Later in her life she worked and lived in various other countries such as Curaçao, Germany, Zwitserland and Belgium.


Hunzikers's early work is characterized by simplicity and a realistic style of painting. Abstract work starts around 1947- 1948. Frieda Hunziker was one of the founding members of the Dutch 'Vrij Beelden' group in 1948, together with Willy Boers and Ger Gerrits among others.


In 1953 at the 'Biennale' (Sao Paolo), Hunziker's work was exhibited together with the work of Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondriaan.


Frieda Hunziker's work was exhibited in the 'Cobra Museum of Modern Art' (Amstelveen) in 2000. Work in collections of the Stedelijk Museum of Schiedam and Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.