Léon Zack

Léon Zack (1892-1980):

Leon Zack is an important Russian Modernist painter. Zack was born in Nizhny-Novgorod in 1892. He studied at the art studios of Rerberg and Mashkov in Moscow.


Leon Zack was besides a painter also a sculptor and illustrator. His abstract work starts around 1940.


Leon Zack is among the founders of the 'Salon of Ultra-Independent'  and the 'Russian art shop'.  Zack lived in Florence and Rome.  Moved to Paris in 1923.


Leon Zack had many solo exhibition around the world; e.g. Aux Quatre Chemins (Paris), Galerie d`Art Contemporain (Paris), Manteau (Brussels), 'Contemporary French Art' (Moscow, 1928), Venice (1949) and London (1958).