Andre Volten

Andre Volten (1925-2002)

Andre Volten was one of the most important constructivist sculptors and geometric abstract painters of the Dutch post-war era.


Born in Andijk in 1925, Andre Volten studies at the Instituut voor Kunstnijverheidsonderwijsin Amsterdam in 1945, after which Andre Volten moves to Brussels. In Brussels, Volten met various other artists and became friends with the Belgian geometric abstract painter Joseph Ongenae. 


Inspired by his Brussels-connections, Andre Voltens  interest in abstract art grew, and four years later, when he returns to Amsterdam , he starts making abstract sculptures and paintings.


In 1957, Andre Volten devotes himself completely to sculpturing, but not before he produces his magnum opusconsisting of a dozen superb geometrical abstract works in oil paint on wooden panels.


Andre Volten was a founding member of the Dutch Liga Nieuwe Beeldengroup in 1953, and a passionate advocate of blending works of art into the public place, all to improve the general quality of life.  Andre Volten died in Amsterdam in 2002.


Andre Volten's constructivist sculptures can be enjoyed in the city of Amsterdam as well as in many other cities in Holland and abroad